Commercial Real Estate Specialists

The Pilkins Group are real estate professionals in every sense. We are educated and experienced in the practice of both Commercial and Residential real estate. We are ethical in both letter and spirit.

The Pilkins Group, LLC is a new Commercial Real Estate brokerage headquartered in central Maryland. Our properties range from $500,000 to $10,000,000.

Excellence, Expertise And Zeal: We sell excellence, our expertise and zeal in Brokerage services, representations and CRE Investments. We sell opportunity, process through competent brokerage services and above all--discretion for the client where indicated or requested.

Who Are Our Clients? Our ideal client offers us an opportunity to meet their expectations. We are discerning. If we feel we cannot meet reasonable expectation – both the client's and the firm's, we refer the client to a better professional choice or decline respectfully.

How Are We Better? Our determination to be better and to provide, at every opportunity, direct ethical steps toward our clients' goals. To be more creative and responsive through the use of our competent staff, colleagues and technology. To maintain a stable agent force through our superb "Value Proposition." That means maximizing agent earnings within an attractive work environment that ensures satisfied clients whose needs come first... always!

Company Overview & What To Expect From Pilkins

The Pilkins Group, LLC is a new Commercial Real Estate brokerage headquartered in central Maryland; designed to provide for and cater to both our clients and our licensed agents. Both of these valuable company assets must have their needs met for Pilkins Group to achieve its desired level of success.

While clients come to Pilkins Group to have their needs and expectations met, they must also feel certain that they received the level of attention and professional expertise that affords them total confidence that the end product of their experience was excellent.

To achieve our desired level of client satisfaction, our agents must have access to quality tools, instruction, and staff to allow them to concentrate fully on our client, devoid mostly of technical struggles, mundane reports, and repetitious overhead organizational demands. Additionally, our agents must feel their earning power or "Value Proposition" is second to none.

Specifically, our agents will require competitive commission "Splits", access to leading-edge marketing, and listing services, quality "Front Office" services, regular and on-demand broker supervision, and counseling. Combined with these, and the agent's strong work ethic, each should see advancing careers and significant increases their available earnings through a higher client volume.

The principals will remain active participants in the Buy / Sell / Lease / Investor market place; avoiding, however, direct competition with our Sales force.

Our headquarters office is in a highly visibile location that is convenient to both clients and staff. The location provides meeting space for settlements and conferences, as well as management and staff spaces.

For more information about working with the Pilkins Group – either as a client or as an agent, please e-mail John Pilkins or call 410-761-9300. We look forward to speaking with you.